Editorial: People are set to give opinions on power plant

Emotions running high over Conectiv’s proposal

   A word of warning to the members of the Bordentown Township Committee: be prepared to be swamped at your meeting on June 10.
   If our newspaper’s letters section is any legitimate gauge of measuring public reaction, emotions are running high and hot regarding Conectiv Energy’s proposal for a new power plant.
   The township’s Planning Board recently voted to recommend to the Township Committee the adoption of an ordinance amendment to allow construction of a power-generating facility on a 110-acre parcel of land, which includes a section of Newbold Island.
   A tentative date of June 10, the township’s next agenda meeting, has been talked about to discuss this possible zoning change.
   For those who oppose this measure, time is precious and forces must be organized for the upcoming meeting.
   Already the complaints are pouring in, and most likely they will be the featured discussion at the meeting.
   People already have expressed disgust at the possible presence of high tension wires, loud noise near suburban homes, the questioning of property value and the enormous volume of hot exhaust emissions.
   Florence Township already has said no to Conectiv. In late January of 2001, hundreds flocked to the Florence Township Municipal Building to let their council know they weren’t interested in having the power plant located in their municipality.
   Thus, the plant never came to fruition there.
   And we are receiving letters from members of that community about Bordentown Township’s situation, and they’ve got quite a lot to say about the plant proposal.
   The underlying message from Florence Township seems to be this: Be prepared, be educated and let your local government know how you feel, for there’s only a limited amount of time left, and no reaction will simply translate as compliance.
   Last year, we wrote an editorial when the power plant proposal emerged in Bordentown Township.
   We said we looked forward to hearing the response of the citizens and that only after hearing their opinions can the township move in a clear direction.
   This will no doubt be happening very soon.
   Committee members, get ready. The people are about to speak.