Route 518 issues are focusof Tuesday task force forum

Chairman Joe Kowalski lists agenda items

   On June 4 at 7:30 p.m. the Hopewell Township Mayor’s Task Force on Trucking and Traffic will conduct a meeting for the purpose of discussing issues related to county Route 518.
   The agenda includes: Route 31 intersection improvements; Route 518 as a dedesignated truck route; 102-inch restrictions (existing); 96-inch restrictions (proposed); weight restrictions (re-establish); local deliveries definition (interstate and intrastate); historic roadway designation; Mercer County Route 654 bridge repair schedule and detour plan; crosswalks in Hopewell Borough; and long range planning.
   The task force has, over the past several years, discussed many concerns raised by residents regarding Mercer County Route 518. According to Joe Kowalski, chairman, the task force has not been able to reconcile most of these concerns because this roadway is an inter-municipal/inter-county roadway. Most of the issues raised require input and action from a multitude of local and county agencies, as well as the New Jersey Department of Transportation.
   The task force was approved by Hopewell Valley’s three mayors in 1996 for the purpose of developing an organized way of handling issues regarding trucking and traffic in Hopewell Valley.