Businessman joins race for seat on committee

By joyce blay
Staff Writer

By joyce blay
Staff Writer

Jackson businessman Ralph Sicuranza has declared his independent candidacy for a seat on the Township Committee.

"I am declaring myself to be an independent candidate for the Township Committee because I want to see this town grow in a positive direction — and that means more commercial and less residential development," he said.

Sicuranza’s decision to enter the race means five people are now running for two three-year seats on the governing body.

Democratic committeemen Michael Broderick and Marvin Krakower are seeking re-election. Republicans Mel Schubert and Josh Reilly are challenging them, and now so is Sicuranza.

Sicuranza also said he is running as an independent candidate because he believes there are many more undeclared voters living and voting in Jackson than there are registered members of either the Democratic or Republican Party.

"I feel there should be a new voice that speaks for these people — one that is friendly to the community," he said.

Sicuranza, 54, a resident of Jackson for 12 years, is co-owner with his wife, Katherine, of Danielle’s Bloomers, a flower shop named in honor of his daughter, Danielle, 13.

Sicuranza’s other daughters are Lauren, 24, a first-grade teacher at the township’s Switlik Elementary School, and Tara, 20, a secretary.

Sicuranza is a past president of the Jackson Chamber of Com-merce and is currently the chamber’s vice president. He is a member of the Planning Board and many other civic organizations.

"I won’t make any promises I can’t fulfill, and if anyone wants me to hear their concerns, my time is their time," the candidate said.

In an interview, Sicuranza responded to comments made by resident Leslie Savage at the Sept. 23 Township Committee meeting.

According to Savage, who obtained a copy of a payment voucher, Sicuranza was paid $615.60 for one week’s work as a Jackson code enforcer. She said a resolution to hire Sicuranza was drafted but never passed, and questioned his qualifications to perform the duties for which he had been contracted.

In response, Sicuranza said, "Dennis O’Brien, a code enforcer, was out on disability, so I was asked by Committeeman [Michael J.] Kafton to fill in for him. I took the position as a temporary job, despite my other obligations, but ultimately I decided to withdraw my name from consideration for the job, which, I might add, I was more than qualified to perform."