NEHS football falls back to .500

Warriors lose to Riverside.

By: Scott Morgan
   Things started out badly. Things continued to go badly. By the end of the first quarter, the New Egypt Warriors were already in a 27-0 hole. They were out their ace running back Lee Hopkins, who’d twisted his ankle in a 14-0 victory over Maple Shade, and repeatedly punctured like a dart board by the Riverside Rams and their snowplow of an offense.
   By the time the first half ended with New Egypt down 34-zip, things looked pretty bad. What’s worse, they smelled bad.
   "We stunk up the joint," said Coach Tom Farrell. "We were forced to throw early and that’s not our game."
   Things picked up a little in the second half, at least for the offense. The Warriors put some points on the board and Nick DiPinto provided some needed runs. Unfortunately, things went pretty well for the Rams, too, and the game ended up a 49-14 rout.
   That the score was a blow-out is less of an issue for Coach Farrell than how his Warriors bounce back for their next game next week against Cinnaminson (New Egypt has a bye this week).
   "If it’s one point or 30 points, it’s still a loss, I don’t care about that," Farrell noted of his 3-3 team. "Now it’s about how we respond to a bad showing."
   He knows he’s got his work cut out for him. The Warriors will still be out Lee Hopkins for at least a couple of weeks and it’s never easy to bounce back from a sound thrashing.
   But if he can build the team’s character, he said, he’s well on his way.