From the Jan. 16 edition of the Register-News

Women worked

hard for change

To the editor:
When I read the article regarding the swearing in of the new members of the Bordentown Township Committee, I could not believe my eyes.
   To the woman who said, ‘It’s nice to see all men up there,’ I just have to say, where have you been for the past 50 years?
   Women have worked very hard to change exactly what she represented in one unbelievably thoughtless sentence.
   Thank God there were women in our country who challenged the antiquated belief that only men were capable of holding public office.
   As for the Township Committee, it is not a fair representation of our community. They are all men and they are all Republican.
   I would welcome a more diverse committee that more fairly represents the many different faces of our community.
Margaret Piliere

Bordentown Township