Manor grateful to all who brighten seniors’ holidays

On behalf of the residents, management and staff of M&M Manor Inc., there are only two words about the community’s visits to the M&M Manor for Christmas and Thanksgiving: absolutely wonderful.

With the children’s artwork, the heartfelt sayings, the Thanksgiving cards and handmade turkey sandwiches, the Christmas gifts, toiletry items, books, stationary sets, clothes, blankets, cookies and various snacks, clocks, watches, slippers, socks, etc., Christmas carols and the handmade cards, we felt like kings and queens who have been treated like royalty. For your display of both the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit, thank you, thank you, and many times over thank you.

It has been our most recent reflection on our long 35-year history at M&M Rest Home (now M&M Manor Inc.) that there have been so many wonderful people stories over our 35 years, that it gives us joy to know that so many have become attached to the love and care that we provide our clients each day.

The community may have read the recent story in the Examiner, "Lost … and Found" (Oct. 3), describing how one of our longtime residents has been reunited with her long-lost daughter after 47 years.

In reading the story, we bean to realize that the M&M Manor story is a great story untold.

I don’t think we realize the impact one has on so many when you are in the business of caring for people who can’t care for themselves.

So, in 2003, we in fact look forward to creating an expanded community relations experience with the community of Millstone and surrounding areas.

It is our hope that through this experience, we can develop activities that become educational and valuable for both children and adults regarding care-giving.

We at M&M Manor would also like to thank the Township of Millstone, Millstone Fire Department and First Aid Squad, the local community churches, and our neighbors for their very kind and generous support during the past year.

A true community is demonstrated by the way it cares for its frail and elderly.

M&M Manor is a home of caring friends.

It’s nice to know that we have friends who care so much about our home. God bless, and may we all be blessed even more in 2003

Keith Moore

Director of Communications

for Proprietors Pauline Messer and Delphine Moore,


Karen Williams,

and the entire staff

M&M Manor

Perrineville section of Millstone