Residents urged to help save Upper Freehold farmland

The Thoroughbred Breeders Partnership (TBP) has received preliminary subdivision approval from the Upper Freehold Township Planning Board for its 58-acre property located on Hutchinson Road in the southwest corner of the township. The Monmouth County Park System wishes to purchase this property to add to its linear Crosswicks Creek Park. The TBP has indicated they would be receptive to a fair offer made in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, at this time the Monmouth County Park System has insufficient funds to make the purchase outright. The park system is asking Upper Freehold Township and the Monmouth Conservation Foundation to provide interim funding. Under the proposed arrangement, the park system and township would own the property jointly for several years.

The Monmouth Conservation Foundation has already committed funding for this project. The feasibility of the township’s financial participation will be discussed at the Jan. 30 Upper Freehold Township Committee meeting. We would like to urge all township residents who care about open space conservation to come out to this meeting and express their feelings about this parcel of land to Mayor William Miscoski and the committee. Township residents should support this initiative, as well as future initiatives to preserve open space and our "country" way of life.

Please attend the Jan. 30 committee meeting at 7 p.m. at town hall.

John and Debbie Aniano

Upper Freehold