Police investigate stabbing of man

OLD BRIDGE — Two men were reportedly assaulted and one was stabbed as they left a house party on Cottrell Road late Friday night.

According to police reports, the two alleged victims, a 20-year-old Ocean Township man and a 19-year-old Old Bridge resident, were reportedly jumped from behind by 10 unfamiliar males at about 11:30 p.m. as they were walking outside the house where the party was held.

Both men told police that they were punched and kicked several times by the suspects. The Ocean Township man also told police that one of the men picked him up and threw him over a fence.

When police arrived at the party to investigate a noise complaint, the two victims left the premises and drove to a friend’s home in the nearby Old Bridge Mews development, reports state. When they arrived at the friend’s house, the Old Bridge man noticed that he was bleeding from a large cut in his side, reports state.

The pair then reportedly left the Old Bridge Mews residence and drove to Raritan Bay Medical Center, Old Bridge division.

An emergency room doctor at the hospital told Officer Richard Mustacchio that a 1-inch laceration in the township man’s side appeared to be from a knife, reports state.

Both victims had sustained bruises to their faces and heads and received treatment for those injuries at the hospital. Upon release, they were transported to police headquarters to meet with the township’s detective bureau.

The case has been turned over to Detective Stephen Daroci for further investigation.