Residents complain about effects of new business

By Nida Khan
Staff Writer

By Nida Khan
Staff Writer

MILLTOWN — A group of borough officials met last week with residents who have been complaining about a new restaurant supply business.

Borough Council President Gerard Cappella, Administrative Officer Thomas Bogdan and Business Administrator Richard Rydstrom met with residents of The Mill last Thursday evening to address concerns that the business, S.S.H., has been generating noise and creating other nuisance issues.

Residents told officials at the meeting that the business has been operating late into the evening, with trucks making deliveries and leaving their engines running idle for lengthy periods of time. The residents said the noise from the trucks and the business is intolerable.

"Operating a business with the amount of noise they have at 8, 9 at night is just unbearable," said resident Ellen Krant. "It’s almost like it’s a truck stop."

Bogdan said he had already spoken with the manager of S.S.H, Steven Mui, and that the company has been fined for violations, including littering, Bogdan said.

"We’re not simply ignoring the concerns of people," he said. "We understand the problems out there that we have to address, and we’re doing everything we can."

According to Bogdan, the company is allowed to operate under current zoning, and that the law does not place specific limitations on the hours of operation.

In addition to the noise levels, residents complained about pollution from trash dumping and instances of bad behavior from truck drivers.

Bogdan said S.S.H. is being issued cited regularly for individual violations such as littering. He was hoping to receive compliance from the representatives of the company, but said the matter will be taken to court again if necessary.

No representatives of S.S.H. were present at last week’s meeting at Borough Hall.

Cappella suggested that the business post a sign stating that all trucks must turn off their engines within 3 minutes of arrival.

Monday, there was a sign posted on the S.S.H. property that read: "Please turn off your engine, do not idle for more than ___ minutes," with no specific number posted at that time.

Mui said on Monday that he would like to work with borough officials in resolving any problems, and noted that he has been cooperative thus far.

"We try our best to lower the noise level, and cut down the working hours," he said.

Mui added that a sign posted at the exit of the business saying that all trucks must turn left only adds to the noise level as the trucks have to wait longer to make the left turn.

S.S.H. supplies equipment such as tables and chairs to restaurants.