Give priority to children at play, not careless drivers

This letter is in regard to the article titled "New Law Would Prohibit Playing Ball in the Streets" that appeared in the July 17 issue of the Suburban.

OK, so what if the proposed ordinance is passed to prohibit kids from playing in the streets? Are they supposed to walk on the streets to get to a public recreation site, thus putting them at a far greater risk? Or are moms and dads now responsible for shuffling them to and fro on a daily basis as well as standing guard so that the kids do not leave their driveway?

Are we really concerned with the children or with the motorists?

On Aug. 11 I hope Frank Makransky (the "brains" behind this) and the three other members of the Borough Council (Phyllis Batko, Dennis Grobelny and Thomas Pollando) who are in favor of this ridiculous notion decide to make better use of their time and come up with new ideas like how to make careless motorists aware that there are kids at play.

Chris Lawler