New police chief signifies a new future for Old Bridge

I applaud the recent appointment of Thomas Collow as police chief of Old Bridge.

This appointment brings with it the winds of change so long overdue and also brings the promise of a better future for our residents and our police department.

With this appointment comes my hope for open, fair testing, wherein we can have the best qualified candidates; promotions by merit; assignments by capability, not favor; the use of new technology tools so important for good law enforcement; control of the escalating overtime costs for which our residents must carry the burden; and finally, hope for the end of the political involvement of our police department and the related lawsuits it has brought over the years.

I, myself, being a retired New York police officer as well as a Township Council member, believe that Thomas Collow is a professional with an exemplary record of 25 years of service. He is an intelligent man, advancing his education and possessing a master’s degree, and he has a reputation for being a man of integrity.

I am confident that he will provide the leadership to address our problems and to help us move forward. Let’s give him our support.

G. Kevin Calogera


Ward 4

Old Bridge Township Council