Phillips will curb building, stabilize property taxes

All the rhetoric in political circles will not alter the fact that Old Bridge is a community in flux. While Old Bridge Republicans have controlled the Planning Board for the past 12 years, more and more housing developments they have approved have eaten up the lush, green open space that once thrived in Old Bridge. That’s why it’s so important Jim Phillips be elected the next mayor of Old Bridge.

It really angers me to see what these large builders are doing to our state and our community — I call it total greed. Our grandchildren will have to go to a museum to see what a countryside looks like, and that is in the not-too-distant future. Jim Phillips has committed to establishing a new master plan that will control housing development in favor of more favorable tax ratables for our residents.

His commitment to control overdevelopment and to stabilize property taxes is just one reason why I will vote for Jim Phillips, Township Council candidates Ed Testino, Dennis Maher and Pat Gillespie, and state Senate candidate Bill Flynn.

The experience Phillips has as a certified municipal financial planner will help Old Bridge curb its spending so residents can get the maximum benefit from our taxes. Old Bridge must get more for its tax buck, and I believe Jim Phillips will oversee a plan to accomplish that in local government.

Jim Phillips has the vision to make Old Bridge a better place to live. He is concerned about the traffic congestion, he is concerned about crowded classrooms, and he is concerned that Old Bridge is not doing all it can to share services with other communities and township boards in order to produce budget savings. He is concerned that all the open space will disappear and — more importantly — he’s concerned this unchecked residential growth will continue.

Jim Phillips has the ability and the experience to stop this cycle of urban growth. He has the integrity, courage and professionalism to make the difficult choices needed to make Old Bridge a better community in which to live.

My friends and I will be voting for Jim Phillips for mayor of Old Bridge on Election Day.

Jean Stewart

Cliffwood Beach section of Old Bridge