Howell to add third police captain

HOWELL – Following recent retirements in the township police department, the department was reorganized to add a third captain’s position.

Following a public hearing on July 21, an ordinance amendment was adopted by the governing body that freezes the number of captains at three.

Police Chief Ronald T. Carter said the ordinance was necessary to create the position and establish the framework for a promotion. Prior to the adoption of the amendment, the ordinance allowed for just two captains. Carter said the new captain’s position will be filled from within the department.

“We’re not looking to hire any additional personnel,” the chief said. “The position will be filled from within the current strength of the department.”

There are 90 officers in the department.

The ordinance amendment states, “When the command levels of the department are affected by personnel changes, the township manager is expressly authorized to adopt such temporary emergency directives as may be necessary to provide for an organizational restructuring of the police department. Prior to implementation of such directives, the chief of police shall advise the township manager of restructuring recommendations.”

The amendment also addresses termination of police personnel by stipulating, “The chief of police shall present to the township manager, without unnecessary delay, a written report setting forth the reasons for suspending a member of the department.”

– Kathy Baratta