Old Bridge residents asked to deny proposed golf course

I read with concern your article on the construction of a golf course in Old Bridge ("Resident Argues for Voter Input on O.B. Golf Course," Suburban, Aug. 14). I agree with the position of Dominic Cicio that such a project should be put to the voters in a referendum. The last thing we need is more debt, which will result in additional taxes.

But before those interested in this project go any further, I suggest they and other interested residents read the article titled "Golf Glut" in the July 28 issue of Barron’s.

The publication is available at the Old Bridge Public Library. In this story it was pointed out that "Last year, a record 50 golf courses suffered severe financial distress, resulting in their foreclosure." The last thing we taxpayers need is to build a golf course that will be unable to support itself.

Finally, the estimated cost of $8-$12 million is questionable. Politicians usually underestimate the cost of projects or programs in order to get them passed (i.e., the "Big Dig" in Boston and Medicare). Then we, the taxpayers, get to pay the bill.

I do not support this project and hope my fellow residents will reject it.

Rich Colasuonno

Old Bridge