Delighted that Greene is running for mayor of Old Bridge

I couldn’t have been more pleased to learn that Councilman Richard Greene received the unanimous support of the Republican organization to run for mayor. Since Mayor Barbara Cannon has decided not to seek a fourth term, the residents of Old Bridge need the most qualified individual to lead the township. I believe that Councilman Greene is that individual.

Councilman Greene has 30 years experience in municipal budgeting and finance. He has used that experience to reduce real estate taxes each year he has been on the Township Council. He has shown his leadership on the overdevelopment issue by supporting the purchase of hundreds of acres of land to be preserved as open space. He has been a leader on the development of recreational facilities for all residents, young and old. He has also shown that as an elected official he is willing to work with all the residents of the township to resolve their issues and concerns.

This November I hope that the residents of Old Bridge will join me in supporting the most qualified candidate for mayor, Richard Greene, and his team of council candidates, Rob Sucarato, Amelia Mannino and Pete Trabucco.

Paul T. Zeliff

Old Bridge