Driveway, not street, belongs to homeowner

This letter is in response to Edward C. Johnson’s letter to the editor ("Commuter Should Get Up Early, Go to Parking Lot," Suburban, Oct. 2) regarding Susan Mulligan’s "Your Turn" guest column comments ("Parking Issues Cause Loss of Faith") in the newspaper’s Sept. 11 issue.

Mr. Johnson, although you stated, "I also enjoy the convenience of being able to park on the street in front my house, if I desire to do so," what you fail to realize is that the street in front of your house belongs to the municipality of Sayreville, or, to any of us who pay taxes in the borough of Sayreville.

When you bought your house, you didn’t buy the street where cars are parked. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy parking in front of your house when possible, but, any commuter, as long as he or she is not blocking your driveway, should be able to park in front of your house and any house.

Diane Y. McCovery