Maher, Phillips team will best serve O.B. interests

Maher, Phillips team will best serve O.B. interests

I have known Dennis Maher since the days when his father Jack was involved in township politics, and his dad would truly be proud of him. No one is as caring and dedicated to helping people as Councilman Dennis Maher, and that is why I am strongly supporting Maher for Township Council and Jim Phillips for mayor in this November’s election.

If people want politicians who will put their interests first, then they will elect Jim Phillips as mayor of Old Bridge along with Team Old Bridge, Councilman Dennis Maher, Councilman Ed Testino and council candidate Pat Gillespie. I have known these men for years, and no group is more dedicated to making Old Bridge a better place for all of us to live.

Jim Phillips has been integral in bringing more open space to Old Bridge and in the fight against overdevelopment. His experience in financial matters as the county treasurer makes him uniquely qualified to stabilize taxes, and Jim’s years of dedicated service to volunteer efforts and township boards give him close ties to the will of the people.

Maher has led the fight against unchecked police overtime and was the man most responsible for bringing Old Bridge a future YMCA, offering township families more recreational opportunities. Team Old Bridge is right for Old Bridge because Jim Phillips and his team have our best interests at heart.

Vote for Jim Phillips for mayor and Dennis Maher, Ed Testino and Pat Gillespie for council on Election Day.

Martin M. Connors

Old Bridge