Recall election will test leadership skills

To the editor

   The Californian governor’s elections may seem like they were confusing, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected only for his popularity, not his platform.
   It was quite obvious from the start that Gov.-elect Schwarzenegger was going to win no matter what he had said or did, either in the past or in the present. Even the allegations of his womanizing and use body-enhancing drugs barely effected his poll numbers.
   People are wondering if he will be able to fix and help those who live in California. The answer is yes, of course. But, he won’t do it.
   It will be done by those who work for him and be done with dirty money, money coming from Mr. Schwarzenegger himself or from other sources.
   Although I did not agree with the way that Gray Davis ran the state, he should not have been thrown out of office for it. The people were just not willing to give the man a chance after only a year and change in office.
   It seems that in more recent times, people want those in political offices, be it Senate or governor or Congress, to take a problem that has stretched over years and even decades and fix it "over-night, right –now" or they are not deemed fit to do their job.
   In the case of Davis, problems that spanned over years could not by any means be fixed within the blink of an eye.
   People in California may be more "lax" with Mr. Schwarzenegger, though. He’s cool, hip and popular. Looks and popularity will give him more than his fair-share of chances deserved, but let’s see what happens when his approval ratings come out. I really wonder what they will look like.
   Will people approve that a cool, popular guy is in office "sort of running things" or approve of his performance in his job?

Jim Quirico
Amwell Road