$344K contract awarded for landscaping improvements

New parking rules
proposed for area around Point Road School

New parking rules
proposed for area around Point Road School

LITTLE SILVER — Recreation improvements are on the way for Markham Place Fields, Sickles Park and the Little Silver Point Road School playground, as well as landscaping improvements for the Little Silver railroad station, which just reopened after lengthy renovations.

The Borough Council, at its meeting Monday night, awarded a contract for the work to Silagy Landscaping Inc., of Edison, the lowest of two bidders at $344,706.50. The other bid, in the amount of $623,940, came from Cypreco, of Ocean Township.

Mayor Suzanne S. Castleman remarked on the large dollar difference in the bids.

The bid of Silagy, which has done satisfactory work for the borough in the past, was approved 4-0, with two council members — Declan O’Scanlon Jr. and Douglas F. Ryder — absent.

The council also approved the award of a contract to Athletes’ Alley, of Shrewsbury, to supply recreation equipment and uniforms for the Little Silver recreation programs for the next two years for $43,758.04. Athletes’ Alley was the only bidder. Borough Administrator Michael D. Biehl said the contract covers everything from uniforms to soccer goals for two years.

In other action, the council passed two ordinances governing parking on Little Silver Point Road across Seven Bridges Road from the Point Road School, which amend earlier ordinances.

The ordinances were prompted by the need for traffic control to keep the narrow Little Silver Point Road clear and passable in the afternoon when parents pick up children from the school.

One of the ordinances prohibits parking on the south side of Little Silver Point Road for 150 feet measured to the east from the intersection of the street with the easterly curb of Seven Bridges Road. The other ordinance prohibits parking from 2 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, on the south side of Little Silver Point Road for a distance of another 250 feet to the east beyond the 150 foot total ban on parking, for a combined distance of 400 feet from Seven Bridges Road during the peak pickup hours at the end of the school day.

The council also passed the renewal of a bond anticipation note of $4,750,923.49 for capital improvements. The note is an interest-free internal note of the borough of Little Silver.

A resolution approved by the council opposes the proposed rate increase that the New Jersey-American Water Co. has requested from the state Board of Public Utilities due to its "inflationary nature" and the "additional financial strain" it will place on borough residents.

The resolution noted that the proposed increases include a 23.2 percent increase for residential customers and a 7.9 percent increase in public fire protection services. It said they would cause water bills of the borough to increase by approximately $6,282 from $72,341 a year to $78,623.

The resolution further noted that "Little Silver residents as taxpayers and ratepayers are already overburdened with new taxes and high utility costs."

In committee reports, Councilman Donald S. Galante said the Shade Tree Committee wants to develop a master plan for landscaping throughout the downtown district. A streetscape project along Prospect Avenue with new landscaping was just completed a short time ago.

Castleman announced that she was appointing Stuart Van Winkle, currently alternate No. 1 on the Planning/Zoning Board, to become a regular member to replace Paul Juska, who’s leaving the board because of his move to Shrewsbury. She appointed Tom Neuara to move up from alternate No. 2 to alternate No. 1 and said she would have an appointment to fill the vacancy for alternate No. 2 at the council’s next meeting on Dec. 15.

— Sherry Conohan