Chairman says cartoon in poor taste

I find your cartoon depicting JFK Medical Center’s newly opened Place of Prayer as "just another room" in extremely poor taste. It is obvious that you have not taken the time to fully understand and appreciate the importance of a religious and culturally diverse setting.

The Place of Prayer was planned in collaboration with community leaders of all faiths as well as patients, their families and medical center staff. The beauty of this room is that it is spiritual without being specific to one religion. People can use this sacred space for meditation, quiet thankfulness or simply to rest from the stresses of personal loss. The decor and furnishings were carefully chosen to provide a simple, neutral setting allowing all faiths to feel welcome.

I invite you to come to JFK Medical Center and personally tour the Place of Prayer. Once you have experienced this wonderful setting that addresses the emotional and spiritual needs of our diverse community, I am certain you will understand my disappointment with your inappropriate cartoon.

Thomas E. Sharp

Board of Directors

JFK Medical Center