Former committeeman’s brother responds to letter

I read Bruce Novozinsky’s letter concerning Upper Freehold Committeeman Charles Faber and was struck by the writer’s perversing negative statements.

The statement that Charlie made about "the only thing growing here now is houses" is true — and Mr. Novozinsky moved into one.

He has moved to Upper Freehold Township in order to enjoy the beauty that he finds here.

I don’t think Mr. Novozinsky knows how much the farmers who preserved their land, and myself, sacrifice to preserve our land.

That sacrifice to preserve our land was to limit growth and keep Upper Freehold rural.

I am annoyed by those who, without sacrificing anything, condemn others. Mr. Novozinsky, I gather you know nothing about farming and I am sure you don’t care about the farmers here.

You also attack Charlie about his farming life and all other farmers in Upper Freehold.

As all farmers know, no farmer works only 9-to-5 hours and has all winter off to play.

I know a farmer’s life consists of hard work, preparing the soil, and fertilizing and planting the soil he depends on for his living.

We are not guaranteed our pay every week, as you are, Mr. Novozinsky. The "old boys" of Upper Freehold, including myself, have been here for 60 years-plus, and have kept Upper Freehold like it is.

Mr. Novozinsky, your statement about Charlie Faber not running for re-election shows that you do not know everything about Upper Freehold yet.

I am sure if Charlie had run for re-election he would have been successful, because the "old boys" and many other residents who live here would have voted for him.

Robert Faber

Upper Freehold