Hopewell Township Committee hires new attorney

He is Steven Goodell of Herbert, Van Ness, Cayci and Goodell, Princeton.

By John Tredrea
   Hopewell Township has its third municipal attorney in as many years.
   Steven Goodell of Herbert, Van Ness, Cayci and Goodell, Princeton, was appointed to that post for 2004 at Monday night’s township reorganization. He replaces Edwin Schmierer, who had the job for one year, after replacing now former state Sen. John Bennett.
   The Township Committee’s vote to hire Mr. Goodell was 3-2, with committee members Jon Edwards and Marylou Ferrara voting no.
   "Mr. Schmierer is fully aware of all our litigation," said Mr. Edwards, who noted he has the highest regard for Mr. Goodell and his work.
   "Steve is eminently qualified," Ms. Ferrara agreed. "But I think it’s a shame to have dumped Ed Schmierer so unceremoniously."
   Mayor Vanessa Sandom said the Goodell appointment was "no reflection on Mr. Schmierer’s ability. It just reflects a sincere desire on our part to start anew."
   Among other posts in municipal government in this area, Mr. Goodell has been attorney for Seaside Park Borough as well as Hopewell Township’s Zoning Board of Adjustment and Hamilton Township’s Planning Board.
   Ms. Sandom said she "learned a lot" from Mr. Goodell while she was a member of the zoning board. "He’ll be a tremendous asset," she said.
   IN OTHER BUSINESS during Monday night’s reorganization meeting, the following appointments to the township Planning Board were made: Ms. Sandom and Mike Aucott, each for one year; Jeremy Hirsch, to complete an unexpired term ending Dec. 31; Karen Murphy, for four years; and Kim Newport, for two years. Ms. Newport will be an alternate member. Ms. Newport also is a member of the Hopewell Valley Regional Board of Education.
   Appointed to the Environmental Commission for three years were Edmund Stiles and Rex Parker. Appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission for four years were David Blackwell and Richard Hunter. Appointed to that commission for two years was Heidi Kahme. Patricia Sziber was appointed to the Open Space Advisory Committee for three years.
   Sally Brenner and Karl Light were appointed to the zoning board for four years. William Schoelwer was appointed to a two-year term as an alternate member. William Cane was appointed as an alternate member, to complete an unexpired term that ends Dec. 31.