Washington welcomes Tobias, Chamberlin

Independent Mark Tobias and Republican Pete Chamberlin begin serving on the Washington Township Committee.

By: Rob Heyman
   WASHINGTON — For Mark Tobias, it was beginning to seem like little more than a dream. On Monday night, it became a reality.
   After three hard-fought years trying to win a spot on the Township Committee, Mr. Tobias finally got his wish, as he was sworn in as the governing body’s newest committee member at its annual reorganization meeting.
   Addressing the audience following his swearing in, Mr. Tobias joked, "I’d like to thank all of you who voted for me in 2001…in 2002…in 2003," after which the crowd erupted in laughter.
   "I will try to (make the town) be more fiscally responsible," he added. "I will make the people who voted for me proud."
   Mr. Tobias’ term on committee will be for three years.
   Also sworn in for a three-year term was Republican Pete Chamberlin, who had already been a member of the committee since August. He was appointed to complete the unexpired term of Jack Mozloom, who resigned to move to Hamilton last summer but showed up Monday to watch the ceremony.
   "I promise to work for the whole town and make it an even better place," Mr. Chamberlin said.
   "I have never seen in all my years someone so determined to win as Mark Tobias," he added. "If you put your mind to something, you can do it."
   The five-member committee remains largely Republican this year, with the exception of Mr. Tobias, who campaigned as an Independent candidate. In addition to Mr. Tobias and Mr. Chamberlin, the other members are Vince Calcagno, Doug Tindall and David Fried.
   The committee appointed Mr. Calcagno to be its mayor for 2004. The position was held last year by Mr. Tindall, who will serve this year as deputy mayor.
   Mr. Calcagno has been a member of the governing body since 1994, when he was appointed to complete an unexpired term. He was then elected to three consecutive three-year terms. He last served as mayor in 1999.
   "There are many changes going on in the town," Mr. Calcagno said. "I would like to continue our theme of going out and communicating better with the town."
   Attending the ceremony was state Assemblyman Joe Malone, who administered the oath of office to Mr. Tobias.
   "You have a wonderful township," Mr. Malone said. "You have the opportunity to really mold the town into what each one of you wants for yourself and your children. I wish you the best of luck."
   Township Committee meetings are typically held at the municipal building at the corner of routes 130 and 526. The reorganization ceremony was held at the nearby Senior Center to accommodate what was expected to be a larger crowd than what the committee usually gets at its regular meetings.
   A number of appointments were made to various town positions at the meeting. Peter Sheridan will once again serve as the township’s attorney this year. John D. Reymann of Van Cleef Engineering again will serve as town engineer. Public defender and prosecutor for 2004 will be Anthony Massi and Ashley Hutchinson, respectively. L. Lonnie Baldino will be the building inspector and David D. Frank will serve as the open space attorney.
   For additional municipal appointments in Washington, see Page 3A.