Urbanowicz starts building his own housing

By: Ken Weingartner
   As John Urbanowicz cruised undefeated through the junior varsity ranks last season, he figured he was setting the foundation for success at the varsity level.
   Instead, Urbanowicz, in his own words, "got housed."
   Thrust into the varsity lineup midway through last season, Urbanowicz struggled. But he worked in the off-season to improve his strength, and it’s paying off this year.
   "I didn’t do too well last year," the senior 189-pounder said. "It’s a big difference on varsity. I came to varsity and I was getting housed by all these bigger kids. That’s why I hit the weights during the summer and tried to gain some muscle for this year. You definitely have to have technique, but if you don’t have muscle you’re still going to get housed."
   Urbanowicz improved to 5-6 on Wednesday by pinning North Brunswick’s Mike D’Aiuto in 2:31, a match that started the Falcons on their way to a 55-16 victory. Urbanowicz got put on his back in the first period and trailed at one point 10-1 before turning his foe in the second period and getting the pin.
   "I tried to lock my hands and throw him back, but it didn’t quite work; I kind of lifted him on top of me," Urbanowicz said. "He got all those back points and that’s how I got down so far. I was kind of scared. I was on my back for a while, but I recovered. In the second period, I got on bottom, took a high crotch, turned him to his back and went from there. I kept him on his back."
   The younger – and smaller – brother of former MHS heavyweight Chet Urbanowicz, John began wrestling in the seventh grade but sat out the next two years because of back trouble. He entered this season with the hopes of starting the campaign with a top-three finish in the Ewing Tournament, but placed fourth.
   "That fell through, but I’ve still got counties and districts," Urbanowicz said. "Hopefully, I’ll get something there. I’m just going to try to keep working hard in practice. Staying active, lifting weights after practice; no slacking or anything. Hopefully I’ll be in better shape for counties and districts and I’ll be able to do better."
   Also winning matches for Monroe against North Brunswick were Al Rotundo (103), Rodney Dixon (119), Mike Tuhy (135), Craig Mazor (140), Grant Herring (145), John Jensen (152), Matt Horsch (160), Justin Lupo (215) and heavyweight Mike Goff. Rotundo, Dixon, Mazor, and Herring had pins.
   Monroe also won 65-6 over John F. Kennedy last week. Winning for the Falcons were Rotundo, Justin Bauman (112), Kevin Ng (125), Anthony Mancini (130), Mazor, Herring, Jensen, Kevin Urbanowicz (160), Horsch, John Urbanowicz, Lupo and Goff. Rotundo, Ng, Mancini, Mazor, Horsch, John Urbanowicz and Lupo had pins.
   Horsch had a pin in Monroe’s loss to state-ranked South Plainfield for the Falcons’ only points.