Letter: PATRIOT Act infringes on liberty

To the editor:
I want to express my strong opposition to new legislation that would expand the powers of the Justice Department, and other law enforcement agencies beyond those already granted in the PATRIOT Act.
   The PATRIOT Act itself contains provisions that dangerously infringe on our civil liberties. It allows law enforcement to access a wide array of personal information, including medical, business, library, education and genetic records without cause.
   The act permits searches of homes without obtaining a search warrant. It allows for the indefinite detention of non-citizens and also citizens who are considered by the Attorney General as "enemy combatants."
   At the present time the ACLU is challenging the PATRIOT Act in federal court in Detroit.
   I feel that the PATRIOT Act has too many problems with the checks and balances as requires in a democratic society, and certainly expanding its powers can only make matters worse.
Norma Grossman