A food and music PTO fund raiser

Fish and chips and jazz at Monroe Township High School.

By: Joseph Harvie
   MONROE — Jazz music and traditional Scottish food will be on the menu next month at the Monroe Township High School Cafeteria.
   Area residents are invited to the cafeteria in Monroe Township High School for a fish and chips and chicken and chips dinner presented by the Monroe Township High School Parent Teacher Organization Feb. 6 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
   This PTO sponsored event is the main fund-raiser for the Senior Scholarships the PTO gives out yearly in June.
   Along with the meal, prepared by the Argyle Restaurant of Kearny, the Jason Callaghan Jazz Duo will entertain diners as they eat in or come to pick up their meals to go.
   "The first year we didn’t have music and since the orders are prepared on the spot, those waiting for their take-out order can listen to the duo and those who are dining in get some good entertainment," said Susan Houle, PTO vice president and chairwoman of the dinner said.
   Each meal will include either fish or chicken, fries, coleslaw, a drink and dessert.
   Adults will pay $14 for dinner and jazz entertainment, and students and senior citizens will pay $12 for the meal and jazz. Children will receive a half portion of the meal for $7, and for those who crave only the sounds of jazz, general admission will be $5.
   "The senior and student dinner is a full portion, it is just discounted," Ms. Houle said. "The portions are generous. They usually prepare two large pieces of chicken or fish per meal, and the children get one piece."
   Ms. Houle said the dinner can go a long way to benefiting students.
   "Every year in June we award scholarships to seniors, in all different areas of study," Ms. Houle said. "This year we will award 23 students between $150 and $250 each. A committee of the principal, guidance department and teachers decide who will receive these scholarships."
   With about 230 students eligible to graduate this year, the PTO is hoping to increase the number of scholarships it will be donating, if its programs can receive more support from the community Ms. Houle said.
   The PTO also will work with the guidance department in March for a fund- raiser fashion show.
   For more information on the dinner or to make a reservation, e-mail ptodinner@comcast.net or call Susan Houle at (732) 521-2714.