Letter: Writer supports Dean

To the editor:
I guess I have to admit I’m part of the baby boomer age range. I have never been involved with a presidential campaign before but Gov. Howard Dean’s message has inspired me to become involved and to try to make a difference.
   Isn’t it disturbing that our elected Democratic Party leaders act and vote like Republicans? And the Republicans have taken us into war on false pretenses. We don’t have international help because President George Bush arrogantly defied the will of the whole world. He challenged the Iraqi terrorist to "Bring it On." And they have. Every day Americans are dying in Iraq.
   We are now the most hated country in the world. We can change that with new leadership. I believe that Dr. Dean is the only one who can bring the Democratic Party back to life. I love his passion when discussing the lies that got us into war in Iraq. He said it before any of us knew him and he has not changed. Some of the other Washington or we might say "Republican Like" democrats voted for the war, for the tax cut to the rich, etc. But now that they are running for office they have changed their tune.
   How can you read the resolution giving President Bush the power to wage war on his own decision, vote yes and now say, "oh I thought he would use it as a last resort"? We do not need that kind of leadership. We need a man of principal and that man is Dr. Dean. While others have chosen to only criticize him and to continue to ignore the discretions of the Bush Administration, Dr. Dean has continually brought our attention to the real issues; jobs, education, health care for all, environment and restoring the United States of America’s leadership role in the world. We don’t have to listen to the pundits who change their mind every other week — Howard Dean is electable and will bring real change.
Rhoda Anderson