Budget includes no municipal tax

New Hanover Township Committee announce that property owners are again exempt from paying a municipal tax.

NEW HANOVER — The Township Committee introduced its 2004 budget Monday, and officials announced again that property owners would not have to pay a municipal tax this year.
   Appropriations total $2,980,972 for 2004, according to Township Clerk/Administrator Geoffrey Urbanik. A public hearing on the proposed budget is scheduled for March 8, he said.
   The budget increased by $260,000 this year, Mr. Urbanik said, because of an increase in health insurance costs and some capital expenditures, including equipment for the Fire Department and public park improvements.
   The largest source of revenue for the township is state aid to municipalities, Mr. Urbanik said, which covers more than half the budget.
   "We run a small operation, so we try to remain within that," he said.
   Official U.S. Census numbers from 2000 have population numbers at 9,744 residents, but the township includes parts of Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base.
   Taxpayers have not had a local purpose tax in more than a decade, officials have said.
   Funds also come from court revenues and licensing fees, Mr. Urbanik said.
— Eve Collins