Letters-Feb. 26, 2004

Pastor disturbed

by teacher conduct
To the editor:
   Several weeks ago, I was having dinner at one of Lambertville’ s popular eating establishments.
   While I was waiting for some friends to meet me at the bar, I had the misfortune of witnessing a most troubling and discouraging event.
   A group of young men and women were not only having a loud and sexually explicit conversation, but even went so far as to act out certain sexual acts. The young women in particular were comparing techniques and appeared to be engaging in a competition.
   Sadly, there is to be no winner in this competition, only losers. Unfortunately, the losers are the youth of the community.
   I was to find out, after asking an employee of the establishment and several patrons who witnessed this display, that these obviously intoxicated individuals were, in fact, teachers from one of the local schools. I dare not mention the name of the school for fear that all of the staff will suffer for the inappropriate actions of a few.
   I am aware there are good conscientious educators, but this incident awoke me to the fact there are also those who behave less than professionally. These events did not take place during the school day on school grounds, but they did take place in the community for anyone to witness.
   I have two children and cannot imagine then being taught by individuals who can’t control their own behavior in public.
   In my opinion, this disturbing display by alleged professional people lends credence to the belief there is a breakdown in the moral structure of our society. The leaders of our youth, sculptors of young minds — God help us and guide us!

The Rev. Frank R. Palumbo
Sellersville Pa.

Enough is enough

with Torricelli
To the editor:
   This letter is in response to a recent letter concerning the trial against Robert Torricelli in Lambertville.
   First of all, being a resident of Delaware Township, who are you to say how Lambertville residents would prefer to spend their tax dollars? It seems neither the police nor the prosecutor are dragging out what should have been a simple resolution to a traffic ticket.
   You can thank Torricelli’s brilliant legal team for that. They are the ones to blame for such a drawn-out and embarrassing display of legal shenanigans.
   Just exactly what kind of supporter of Mr. Torricelli are you? Are you a former campaign contributor whose money is now being freely spent by him? That should anger you more than how the resident’s tax dollars are spent.
   Second, why the need for two attorneys for such a minor traffic ticket? This is another reason why this episode has been extended longer than it should have been. Apparently, one lawyer just wasn’t good enough. But Mr. Torricelli can afford to have two attorneys. After all, he has all of that campaign money to spend.
   Third, from all accounts that I have read, Mr. Torricelli has always been offered an amendment to a lesser charge. Why has Mr. Deni been lying to all of the newspapers and saying otherwise? Doesn’t sound quite ethical to me.
   But I guess Mr. Deni is just that kind of lawyer, the kind where ethics don’t seem to matter, and as a result, every other lawyer is given a bad name.
   Fourth, Mr. Deni’s recent comments concerning Mr. Torricelli’s speeding ticket are childish and completely absurd. Does he really think the officer, at 12:30 a.m. in the morning, was waiting for him to drive by? Seems a little far-fetched.
   Our tax dollars are being spent for exactly this reason. The police and the prosecutor are simply doing their jobs.
   I believe that this is what the residents of Lambertville expect them to do. They should be supported for what they do and not criticized by those who support a person of questionable ethical character and those who represent him.
   The claim the prosecution of Mr. Torricelli has the objective of harassing and causing embarrassment for a political purpose is an uneducated statement. The police and prosecutor certainly have no political agenda, and we all know the political future of Mr. Torricelli.
   Additionally, what sort of trophy is the legal system hunting? I can assure you, Lambertville certainly does not need, nor does it want any "trophy" associated with Mr. Torricelli. We are more than happy to let someone else hang that one over his mantel.
   You’re right, enough is enough.

Lawrence R. Oakes

Hats off to

festival supporters
To the editor:
   After all the dust has settled, or rather the ice carvings have melted, Winter Festival 2004 is just a memory.
   A pleasant one, hopefully.
   I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for the support and generosity the twin river cities of Lambertville and New Hope demonstrated during the event.
   Winter Festival brings thousands of visitors and celebrants to the towns during the three-day event. Winter Festival would not be the tremendous success it has become without your support. The festival’s success has allowed us to donate tens of thousands of dollars to both communities over the past seven years.
   So, "hats off" to the residents, schools and local businesses in Lambertville and New Hope. Your continued support, spirit, generosity and participation are the reason we are able to put on the Winter Festival each year.
   Thank you.

Susan Waller
Winter Festival 2004