Route 1 pothole takes toll on seven motorists

WOODBRIDGE — That annual rite of spring — the large pothole — caused damage to seven vehicles traveling on Route 1 April 14, police said.

The incidents were reported between 7:05 p.m. and 9:10 p.m.

The pothole was located in the right lane of Route 1 north just before Green Street near the Jose Tejas restaurant, according to police.

Police reports on the incidents said all seven motorists sustained damage to their cars, including blown-out tires, cracked rims and front-end damage.

Gerald MacIntyre, director of the township’s department of public works, was unable to confirm whether or not the pothole was repaired, as it falls since it is on Route 1 and is under state jurisdiction.

The past two winter seasons, with fluctuating temperatures and an abundance of precipitation — two factors that combined weaken road surfaces — have resulted quite a few more potholes than usual, according to MacIntyre.

"As a sidebar, since last July, I’ve had to replace four tires and rims on my Volvo," he said.

MacIntyre said the township does have a handle on the local roads it oversees, and that most, if not all, potholes are filled within three to four days.

Residents can report potholes at (732) 738-1311.