Officials promise crackdown on speeders


Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Speeding drivers and trucks traveling Eggert Avenue, beware.

That’s the message Metuchen hopes to convey, as it steps up enforcement efforts on the stretch of road between Amboy and Grove avenues.

Residents have long complained about speeding drivers and prohibited trucks along Eggert, and the borough is ready to crack down.

At the April 19 Borough Council meeting, Councilman Richard Dyas said that over 8,000 cars use the road daily, translating into over 3 million vehicles per year.

"People think it’s outsiders, but it’s also borough residents," who violate the speed limit on Eggert, added Councilwoman Catherine Totin.

Dyas concurred, noting that most of the traffic on the road is heading south, and that people speed from the Woodbridge Avenue light to catch the next light at Amboy Avenue.

Recently, a speed trailer, a roadside device with a digital sign that informs passing motorists how fast they are going, was placed on the southbound side of Eggert.

Council members indicated that the borough has mostly been in a warning phase, but will now be aggressive in ticketing violators.

"There will be vigorous enforcement," Mayor Ed O’Brien said.