Poll worker says voters apathetic

I agree 100 percent with your editorial entitled, "Low voter turnout is disappointing" in the April 28 edition of the Sentinel.

As a regular worker at the polls, I am always amazed at the low turnout for all of the elections. However, I can especially understand the voter apathy in the Board of Education election. People who came to the polls voiced the opinion that taking time to vote was just a "waste of their time." The reason for this, they stated, was the fact that if the budget is turned down by the voters, it simply goes to the council who ultimately passes it, cutting a point or so out of the budget as a public relations/political gesture. Or if the council decides to really cut the budget, it then goes to the state who passes it.

It’s a frustrating situation and, perhaps, the resolution is for the Boards of Education to start spending less by following the trend in private industry and cutting the budget where there is the most fat — health care and pensions. The beleaguered taxpayers are footing the bill twice — once for the generous benefits given to Board of Education employees and a second time when their benefits are being cut by a private industry on a regular basis. Perhaps when the public sees their money is being spent prudently, there will be less apathy and more voter interest.

Lois Wolke