Sports Shorts

Sports Shorts

The Baseball Warehouse Instructional Academy and its professional coaching staff will be holding four weeks of camp in the area.

Visit the Web site:; or call (732) 249-8884 to get more information. Camps are open to all abilities and ages 7-17 years of age.

The following are the results of the Tamarack Women’s Golf Association 18-Hole Group’s June 8 outing — odd holes minus 50 percent handicap. In Flight A, Rita Reisert took first with a 35, followed by Chung Hee Lee (36) and Lelia Nelson (36.5). Charlotte Casey had low putts. In Flight B, Claudia Homoki took first with a 35, followed by Carole Elkins (36) and Linda Weintraub (36). Tim Jesdanum had low putts. In Flight C, Meryl Abramowitz took first with a 34, followed by Perry Pernice (36.5) and Terry Massaro (40). Jessica Kim had low putts.

At the June 15 outing — even holes minus 50 percent handicap — Flight A was won by Rita Reisert with a 34, followed by Betty Long (34.5) and Lelia Nelson (37). Chung Hee Lee had low putts. Flight B was won by Tres Wist (37), followed by Doris Kohlberg (37) and Tim Jesdanum (37.5). Ellie De La Bandera had low putts. Flight C was won by Agnes Olsson (39), followed by Judi Weinberg (44) and Terry Massaro (45). Perry Pernice had low putts.

Memberships are still available. Those interested in information may send an e-mail to Meryl at or call Terry at (732) 545-5360.