Technology students honored at conference

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Technology students
honored at conference
Staff Writer

HOWELL — Students from Howell High School recently competed in the 26th annual National Technology Student Association (TSA) Conference in Nashville, Tenn., and came up winners.

"The students attended the conference from June 20-24 along with approximately 4,000 other attendees from across the nation and Europe," said Ilse Whisner, public information coordinator for the Freehold Regional High School District. "They participated in national level skills competitions, special interest sessions, general sessions and the national officer candidate campaigns and elections."

There was also a one-day education fair held during the conference at which sponsors of the con­ference and exhibitors displayed the latest innovations in technology education, Whisner said.

During the second general ses­sion, 56 national gold achievement awards in technology education were presented to students from across the country and one from Germany.

Howell High School students Carrie Kohen, Michelle Denison and Patrick McCormick received the gold national achievement award.

During the awards ceremony, the top 10 finalists in each category of competitive events were called up to receive national recognition.

Howell High School students earning top 10 honors were Dante Mucaro, Matthew Salomon, Patrick McCormick, Shilpi Halemane, Carrie Kohen, Andree Zimerla, Amanda Lawson, Eli Blashkovsky and Seth Eagelfeld.

Dante Mucaro earned seventh place in the nation for his new in­novative design of a school bus.

The Oral Technology Quiz Bowl team of Shilpi Halemane, Patrick McCormick and Matthew Salomon earned seventh place out of more than 150 teams competing.

The team of Carrie Kohen and Andree Zimerla placed sixth over­all in the Technological Systems event. These two students re­searched and designed a crib that they believe will help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Amanda Lawson placed eighth overall in the Flight Endurance competitive event by using her knowledge of aerodynamics to de­sign and build a rubber-powered airplane that stayed aloft for one minute and 44 seconds. The plane had to take off on its own and touch down on its landing gear.

The team of Eli Blashkovsky and Seth Eagelfeld of the FRHSD Fine and Performing Arts Center at Howell High School placed fifth in the Film Technology competition. Their short film "Into the Night" placed first in the state competi­tion.

TSA is a 170,000-member organi­zation of K-12 students who are or have been enrolled in technology education courses. Its goal is to promote technological leadership and personal growth through stu­dent participation in challenging technological competitions that in­clude problem solving, decision making and critical thinking skills as they relate to communications, power, energy, transportation, en­gineering, manufacturing and construction.