Lt. Governor not needed

   To the editor:
   New Jersey does not need to have a lieutenant governor. The first problem is expense. There are salaries for the lieutenant governor, the staff and security personnel. Other expenses are office space and stationary. In one term we are spending millions of dollars. And what will be the job of lieutenant governor? Does the lieutenant governor just merely wait for the governor to resign or die? The governor’s job does not involve that much time. When Christie Whitman was governor she spent many days campaigning for Republicans around the country. When Jesse Ventura was governor of Minnesota he had the leisure of becoming a sportscaster. The present governor of California has just become the editor and publisher of a health magazine. Instead of creating another bureaucracy the government should reduce its size and expenses. The salaries of all elected officials should be reduced and their free health benefits and extravagant pension programs should be abolished.
Fred Stein