Borough and BOE agree to share costs

Resident complains about lack of notice of Ft. Monmouth drill


Resident complains about lack of notice of Ft. Monmouth drill


SHREWSBURY — The borough has entered into an agreement with the Shrewsbury Board of Education to share expenses in an attempt to save money.

Borough council members and the BOE have researched ways to purchase items together.

The first shared item is gasoline.

The borough has an aboveground tank at the DPW site that offers a significant reduction in price per gallon compared to what the board gets at a regular gas station.

“It’s not much money, but it’s a start,” said Councilman William Kelleher.

During the open portion of Monday’s meeting, resident Kim Norton expressed concern over the recent drill conducted by Fort Monmouth.

According to Norton, many residents were panicked by the loud alarm and voices that could be heard instructing people to stay in their homes.

“At some points you heard some very specific things, then some muffled things,” said Norton.

She questioned the lines of communication between Fort Monmouth and borough officials that should be in place to forewarning local residents of a drill.

Mayor Emilia Siciliano and other council members said they were not informed about the drill.

“Hopefully, Fort Monmouth will critique the drill,” said Siciliano, and let officials know about future drills.

The Oct. 18 meeting began with a presentation by Shrewsbury School students outlining the Red Ribbon Program, a nationally recognized drug and alcohol awareness program adopted by Shrewsbury schools. Siciliano read a proclamation designating the week of Oct. 18-22 as Red Ribbon Week, during which Shrewsbury School students will participate in drug and alcohol prevention activities.

The Greater Red Bank Regional Drug Alliance and the Shrewsbury Borough School have joined forces to provide comprehensive drug abuse programs in grades K-8.

In other council news, Councilman Thomas Seaman reported that the borough has contracted with Horizon Blue Cross in a guaranteed cost program for employees that will yield substantial savings by year-end, he said.