Twin Rivers residents to select directors

Election to fill three open seats on the Twin Rivers Homeowners Association’s board of directors will be held next month.

By: Michael Ross
   EAST WINDSOR — In an election scheduled to take place next month, four Twin Rivers residents are competing for three open seats on the Twin Rivers Homeowners Association’s board of directors.
   The board’s nominating committee met Monday night to interview three incumbents and one challenger running for office on the nine-person board. Committee Chairman Wilson Hernandez said Tuesday that all four candidates — Al Wally, Rodger Frey, Joseph Molinari, and Lori Vono — were approved by the three-person committee to appear on the proxy ballots.
   Mr. Pohl said residents can vote via proxy ballots (that will be mailed to residents around Thanksgiving) or in-person during the Dec. 9 annual meeting.
   Twin Rivers, a planned-unit-development community, is home to roughly 10,000 residents living in apartments, condominiums, townhouses and homes spread over four quads, or living areas. Board directors agree to serve one three-year term and uphold the articles of incorporation, bylaws and other measures as set forth in the community’s rules, regulations and guidelines. Directors also agree to attend regular monthly meetings and chair at least one board committee.
   Board President Scott Pohl said candidates officially will be announced Thursday during the Homeowners Association meeting. He added that candidates will address questions from residents during a "candidates night" on Nov. 18. Both events are slated to take place at 7:30 p.m. at the Twin Rivers Community Center.
   Mr. Pohl said he expects unofficial results to be available the evening of the Dec. 9 annual meeting and official results to follow shortly thereafter.
   Board directors will assume their responsibilities in January.
Al Wally
   Challenger Al Wally is a 32-year Twin Rivers resident running for the fourth time and seeking his first term. The 63-year-old Overton Road homeowner said he is running to restore the community’s "financial integrity" and to create a board oversight committee.
   "You’ve got some bad members who haven’t the foggiest idea of what governing documents are," Mr. Wally said. He cited Article V of the association’s bylaws — an article citing the nomination and election procedure — as an example. The current board requires that all candidates be in "good standing," a criteria not written into the article. Mr. Wally said the criteria is unjust because it limits the number of residents who can run for office.
   "I believe there are a lot of laws we should be complying with," Mr. Wally added. According to Mr. Wally, the community illegally hangs the Twin Rivers Day banner every year when they fail to obtain the required permits from the township. Mr. Wally said such disregard for local law is the reason why the community’s liability insurance rates continue to increase.
   "They spend money unnecessarily for projects that are unneeded," Mr. Wally said of the board. He cited two $500 contributions made in 2003 and 2004 to the Community Associations Institute political action committee as "unneeded" and said he would like to "stop them from pissing away our money." The CAI is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting community associations.
   "Foresight creates certain duties," Mr. Wally said. He added that he would like to chair the budget committee and create a board oversight committee to ensure federal, state and local laws, including community bylaws, are followed.
Rodger Frey
   Incumbent Rodger Frey is a was appointed to the board three months ago after board member Aaron Sears was called to active military duty. The 36-year-old Dennison Drive homeowner has lived in the community for five years and said he is running because he has enjoyed his brief tenure.
   "I consider myself a people person," Mr. Frey said, adding that property values and family safety are his fundamental community concerns. Mr. Frey said he has yet to participate on a committee and is uncertain which committee(s) he would like to chair.
   Mr. Frey said he is pleased with the new swimming pool contractor agreement and the new maintenance manager and that he will strive to maintain the "positive direction" of the community.
Joseph Molinari
   Incumbent Joseph Molinari is seeking a second term and has chaired the budget, architectural control and review, recreation, newspaper, nominating and parking committees.
   "I’ve lived in Twin Rivers for 13 years. I love the community," Mr. Molinari said. "I’ve seen a lot of progress in the last three years and I’d like to see more."
   The 49-year-old Jamestown Road homeowner considers aesthetics and the upgrading of roads, sidewalks and landscaping as critical community issues.
   "Garbage is a big pet peeve for people around Twin Rivers," Mr. Molinari said. He said the current recycling program has been a "bust" for everybody because many residents throw garbage in the recycling receptacle area. "We have a lot of garbage issues which we’re trying to address all the time."
   Mr. Molinari said he supports the installment of a central recycling depot, which he believes will fix the garbage problem. "Every vote I cast I try and cast for the good of the community and from the heart."
Lori Vono
   Incumbent Lori Vono, was appointed to the board in June 2003 after board member Rodger Lippman resigned in December 2002. The 42-year-old Evanston Drive homeowner has lived in Twin Rivers for four years and has chaired the newspaper, welcoming, and swimming pool amenities committees. She also has participated on the recreation committee.
   "I love Twin Rivers and I think it’s great to be a part of it in a way that can enhance it," Ms. Vono said. She named unsightly garbage and a lack of community involvement as vital concerns and said there is much work yet to be done on the committees she serves. Ms. Vono said she is a "family-oriented" director working to involve more residents in community activities. "I’m always available to whoever needs me."