Crossroads is the right plan at the right time

I did not attend the hearings on the Old Bridge Crossroads redevelopment plan, but I must say I am delighted that Mayor Jim Phillips and his administration have put forth a plan that is intended to give us some tax relief.

Year after year during the previous administration, we have seen commercial properties like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Wal-Mart spring up along Route 9, but it seems our taxes never go down.

The Crossroads plan is designed to finally give us some tax relief by combining age-restricted housing with commercial interests on land that has been going to waste economically since Old Bridge acquired it. I commend Mayor Phillips for having the foresight to see that this type of mixed-use plan will benefit the township and for having the courage to recommend its approval after so many years of nonaction.

My friends and I support this plan enthusiastically. Anyone who reads the plan will see that it’s a beautifully designed and landscaped development that also calls for improvements to the local roadways that are to be made and paid for by the developers, not by the township.

The entire Crossroads area will still remain surrounded by more than 300 acres of open space. I believe this is the right plan at the right time and Old Bridge residents will benefit from this plan’s approval.

Thomas J. Talbot

Old Bridge