Military personnel rate insurance, benefits

I am writing about something that we, the people, do not know about.

Did you know that our military men and women have no life insurance or death benefits? If they die in combat, they get a pine wooden casket, a flag, and they are buried.

My son, a member of the U.S. Army National Guard, died out-of-combat in August in a car accident. I was unable to reach anyone who cared. They did not send anyone to the funeral to salute him into heaven the way he deserved. To this date, no one has contacted me or asked for a death certificate — it’s as if he never existed.

Why is it that our tax money goes to pay for welfare, food stamps and that whole system that many people take advantage of by committing fraud?

I believe that we, the taxpayers, would not mind at all if we paid into a life insurance policy of $50,000 for these military men and women. Give them the option to increase it, and pay the difference.

We should be ashamed that we pay our military personnel minimum money and ask them for the maximum — their lives.

Sandra Lamourt

Old Bridge