Pets require appropriate care during winter months

I am are writing to express my concern regarding the proper care of pets during these frigid, bitter cold winter days and nights.

Where is our compassion and intelligence with regard to our pets, both dogs and cats, when the thermometer dips toward zero?

Here are some guidelines from a veterinary hospital.

Shorthaired animals should not be left outside overnight if the temperature is below 40 and damp. Bring in any pet if the temperature is below 20 unless the pet is acclimated and has a good, insulated shelter raised off the ground, facing southeast. (“Good” means small enough to trap animal heat, large enough for the pet to turn around and lie down in.) Straw or hay for the doghouse is best; cloth collects moisture.

During the colder months, pets need more food, especially increased protein, to deal with the cold. Fresh water twice daily is essential.

When we see animals that are obviously not being protected from the elements or not being cared for properly, why not lend a hand and offer to help? If nothing seems to work, then perhaps it is best to contact the local humane society or county investigator. It is against the law to not provide proper shelter and food/water to pets.

Kathryn Kovach