Reader supports Bush’s Social Security reform

I support a personal account option for Social Security. This reform is very popular among younger citizens and I urge them to weigh in by calling their representatives.

These younger workers are quite familiar with 401(k) type accounts, and want to be able to control their own money, rather than have the government control it.

Of course, the current level of benefits must be protected for individuals in or near retirement.

President Bush’s proposed “Ownership Society” will transform America for the better. It will enable greater opportunity, more economic freedom, and more independence in general.

Well-managed personal accounts would empower citizens with their own nest egg. These citizens, by accumulating capital, would be less dependent on government.

These same citizens with personal accounts that don’t use all the money during their retirement could leave the balance to their heirs.

This is a benefit that is not possible under the current Social Security structure.

As the saying goes, “If you need a hand, look at the end of your own arm.”

Likewise, let me invest a portion of my payroll tax as myself, and I am willing to bet I’ll do better than the government will.

Robert Engel