Princeton Regional Health Commission OKs fee hikes

By: Jennifer Potash
   The Princeton Regional Health Commission has approved an increase in the fees for vital statistics documents, such as birth and death certificates.
   The current $8 fee will increase to $10.
   The Health Department will also increase the charge for additional copies of these documents, from $5 to $8. Corrections to vital-statistics documents now will cost $15, an increase of $5. The fees for sending vital-statistics copies with express or overnight mail service will be the prevailing rates.
   Vital statistics fees were last increased in December 2003.
   Princeton Regional Health Officer David Henry said the increases are meant to cover the Health Department’s costs.
   The Health Commission also approved revisions to the existing lead-paint ordinance adopted in 1999 that clarifies who is responsible for properly removing lead-based paint. The new ordinance sets a minimum fine of $250 per incident and maximum fine of $1,000 per incident for not correctly disposing or cleaning up lead-paint chips.
   The existing ordinance requires protective measures during the removal of exterior lead paint from houses in Princeton Borough and Princeton Township.