Community, squad members provide solace, support

While my family and I are still recovering from the shock of my husband’s sudden death, the community’s support and acknowledgment of the legacy Fred left, in his capacity as president of the East Brunswick Rescue Squad, is sustaining me.

The members of the East Brunswick Rescue Squad generously give of themselves, not only to our community, but to each other. I want to express my gratitude for that continuous support.

From that first terrible night, when they stayed with me until my family arrived, through the funeral ceremony in which they participated, and to this day in helping me implement my campaign to place barriers on grass medians so that no more vehicles can cross over and kill people, the individual members of the squad have been of immeasurable help. I cannot thank each and every one of them enough.

I also want to express my appreciation to Mayor William Neary and the East Brunswick Police Department. The memory of their presence and support at Fred’s funeral provides a touchstone of solace for me, our three children, Fred’s mother and his brother and sister.

Thank you all.

Florence Goldberg

East Brunswick