November slates selected

BY JOYCE BLAY Staff Writer

Staff Writer

LAKEWOOD — The race for two seats on the Township Committee has been set.

Voters in the June 7 Democratic primary tabbed incumbent committeemen Charles Cunliffe, who is serving as Lakewood’s mayor in 2005, and Raymond Coles to run for re-election in November.

Cunliffe received 869 votes in the primary and Coles received 779 votes to easily turn back the challenge of Ada Gonzalez, who received 211 votes.

Cunliffe and Coles will now square off against the winners of the June 7 Republican primary, Steven Langert and Sean Gertner. Langert received 3,271 votes and Gertner received 3,196 votes to earn their party’s nominations.

They easily defeated Yehuda Shain, who received 385 votes, Andrew J. Howard, who received 277 votes, and William E. Cohen, who received 205 votes.

Langert viewed the results as support for his candidacy and that of his running mate, Gertner.

“The community believes in our message,” Langert said. “I think that if you look at recent history, this was the most votes ever cast in a Republican primary in Lakewood. I’m hoping that carries over to November.”

Howard said he would devote his energy to improving the lives of his fellow citizens, whether it was as an elected official or a concerned resident.

Cunliffe thanked voters for their support. He said he was prepared to run in the general campaign on the issues he felt would ensure Democrats of a win in November.

“The tax rate today is lower than it was 12 years ago” when Republicans were in power, Cunliffe said. “I suspect the Republicans will try to create issues” in order to win. “Hopefully, the voters will see through smoke and mirrors. How can you be against [policies that promote improved] quality of life?”