Firefighters saluted upon graduation from academy

HOWELL — The Monmouth County Fire Academy recently graduated 59 volunteers from two separate Firefighter I classes.

The ceremonies were held May 21 and May 22, respectively.

The firefighters attended weekend classes beginning in February and have logged more than 130 hours of course work.

They received training in rescue, fire extinguishment, hazardous materials response, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, electrical safety, and care of hoses and other equipment.

Monmouth County Freeholder Theodore J. Narozanick, who attended the graduations, commended the new firefighters for their dedication and willingness to serve.

“Firefighters are special people, just like police and other emergency responders,” Narozanick said. “You will get called in the middle of the night. Your work is urgent, sometimes even a matter of life and death. You will come to the aid of people who need help right away, at a moment’s notice, and that is no small feat. I salute each and every one of you, and I thank you for your service.”

This new crop of firefighters, like the 10,000 other firefighters who receive training at the fire academy each year, worked hard to achieve their goals, said William Itinger, chief training officer at the Howell facility.

“This is a dedicated group,” Itinger said. “I have no doubt they will provide a great service to their communities because they have proven themselves here first.”

Each firefighter was awarded a Firefighter I certificate.

In addition to Itinger, instructors included Fred Searsby, assistant chief; Stanley Sickels; Armand Guzzi; Clifford Blasi; Gorden Prochnow Sr.; Daniel Miller; Skip Jelliff; Paul Knowles; Hugo Fleites; Edward Moore; Kevin Keddy and David Volk.

Firefighter I students from Class 60 include area residents James M. Jerome, Howell; Vito S. DeMartino, Howell; Naudere M. Ghajar-Dowlatsha, Jackson; Fred C. Goelz III, Jackson.

Firefighter I students from Class 61 include area residents Patrick T. Ferrie, Jackson; Michael W. Heaton, Farmingdale; and Richard D. New-man, Farmingdale.