Exhibit asks: What does peace look like?

“Remembrance” by Donna Clapp “Remembrance” by Donna Clapp An eight-person show at the Art Alliance of Monmouth County gallery in Red Bank explores the nature of what peace looks like through a variety of artistic media. Eight artists, Scott Buttfield, Elvir Caranay, Donna Clapp, Jeffrey Clapp, Teddy Ehmann, Glenn Murgacz, Donna Roettger and Peter Woronoff, have depicted their vision of what peace looks like in almost every artistic form possible, from watercolor to acrylic paintings, from photography to sculpture.

The show, titled “What Does Peace Look Like?,” will end its three-week run at the Art Alliance gallery at 33 Monmouth St. on July 21.

Window display by Jeff Clapp,  Elvir Caranay and Glenn Murgacz Window display by Jeff Clapp, Elvir Caranay and Glenn Murgacz The group of New Jersey-based artists has taken on the daunting task of providing a new vision of peace in the face of everyday bombardment with images of war and violence by the media on television and in movies. For the artists, peace looks like a symbol of the ’60s generation and the hope for future generations, a handshake in church and a promise from the pulpit, an anti-war rally and a peaceful protest, a quiet landscape like a babbling brook or a view of the woods, inner peace seen in a human being’s eyes.

“Little Treasure” by Jeff Clapp “Little Treasure” by Jeff Clapp For show information and hours, call (732) 936-9442 or 800-524-0337 and ask for Jeffrey Clapp. Go to www.clappster.com for artist’s bios and more information about the show.

“Sufi” by Donna Clapp “Sufi” by Donna Clapp