West Windsor OKs Bristol-Myers Squibb parking lot expansion

By: Emily Craighead
   WEST WINDSOR — The Planning Board on Wednesday approved a minor site plan with variances and waivers for Bristol-Myers Squibb to add 50 additional parking spaces at its 100 Nassau Park Blvd. site.
   The request was made after the company hired 80 new administrative employees. Representatives of Bristol-Myers Squibb testified that efforts to encourage car pooling and using vans failed to eliminate the need for additional spaces, Planning Board Chairman Marvin Gardner said.
   Also Wednesday, the board postponed a hearing for the amended preliminary site plan and final site plan for Building 300 at Carnegie Center East. Carnegie Investors redesigned the plan to shift the access drive to the site by 20 feet, a move that has not been approved by Boston Properties, the firm that previously owned the site and has retained control over the final design.
   "I felt it would be unproductive for the Planning Board to proceed and have a third party vitiate any decision we made," Mr. Gardner said.
   The Planning Board rescheduled the application for a Jan. 11 hearing.