Jamesburg plans ahead

Re-elected councilmen discussed plans for next term.

By: Audrey Levine
   JAMESBURG — Councilmen Otto Kostbar and Carlos Morales will be sworn into office Wednesday at 7 p.m. during the Jamesburg Borough Council’s reorganization meeting.
   The two were re-elected to three-year terms in November. Mr. Kostbar will begin his third elected term and Mr. Morales his second term.
   Mr. Kostbar, who has previously served as police commissioner for the community, said he has several goals for his next term, including some that are a continuation of the work he has already begun.
   He said he wants to expand the police force and provide officers with more equipment. He hopes the borough will apply for grants to pay for this.
   "The crime rate has fallen," he said. "We want to improve public safety (more)."
   In addition, Mr. Kostbar said he wants to bring more businesses into the town to keep the tax rate down.
   Mr. Kostbar said he would like to continue fostering the spirit of volunteerism in the community. He said residents are always ready to volunteer, from pitching in during the July flood to aiding the less fortunate.
   Mr. Kostbar said he is going to look for grants to help improve sewers and sidewalks and bring pubic transportation to the community.
   "(We want to) improve life in the town and respond to the needs of the citizens," he said.
   Mr. Morales said he wants to improve the quality of life of borough residents.
   One way to do that, he said, is the renovation of Veterans Memorial Park. He said Jamesburg has received a grant for the renovations, but the council is waiting for architectural plans to be completed.
   In addition, Mr. Morales said Jamesburg will continue with its Green Acres project, which is creating baseball and other fields where children can play.
   He said the Middlesex County Open Space Authority gave $100,000 to help with the project.
   "The more exposure to sports and different community events these kids have will (help) them as adults," said Mr. Morales. "If we keep kids participating in community and other events, they will take the reins from us."
   Mr. Morales said the council wants to update its emergency management plan for both natural and man-made disasters in accordance with state mandates.
   Mr. Morales said one of his goals is to attend more community and political events. As an active member of the military since 1988, he is often called to travel to different parts of the country for the Department of Homeland Security.
   "I lose time from what I really want to do," he said.