Zoners select officers for 2006

The zoning board swore in new members and elected officers at the Jan. 4 reorganization meeting.

By:Lea Kahn Staff Writer
The Zoning Board of Adjustment swore in two members and chose its officers for this year at its annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 4.
   Leona Maffei of Lawrenceville Road was sworn into office for a four-year term as a regular member, and Charles Lavine of Federal Point Boulevard was sworn into office for a two-year term as Alternate No. 2.
   Lisa Hosfield was elected to be the Zoning Board of Adjustment chairwoman and Steven Brame was elected to be the board’s vice chairman. The terms are for one year.
   The zoning board appointed Marc Citron to be its attorney and Charles Carmalt to be the traffic consultant. Sarah Summiel is the recording secretary and Brenda Kraemer is the board engineer. Brian Slaugh of Clarke Caton Hintz was appointed to serve as the planning consultant.
   In other business, the zoning board granted a use variance to Lawrence Bailey, which allows him to subdivide a 12,500-square-foot lot at 22 and 24 Gordon Avenue, into two lots of 6,250 square feet each. There are two existing houses on the 12,500-square-foot lot.
   Each of the new 6,250-square-foot lots would contain one house. One of the houses is a one-story ranch house containing 1,072 square feet. The second house is two-and-a-half stories and contains 2,264 square feet.
   A use variance was needed because the floor area ratio on the second lot — which contains the larger house — is .36, which exceeds the permissible FAR of .30. The FAR is the total square footage of a building, as compared to the total square footage of the lot.