Architects salute mayor for redevelopment

Resident of the Year award from the American Institute of Architects, New Jersey chapter, goes to Mayor Angelo Corradino.

By: Melissa Edmond
   The borough’s transformation from the home of abandoned asbestos manufacturing to a "vibrant community" helped earn Mayor Angelo Corradino the Resident of the Year award from the American Institute of Architects, New Jersey chapter (AIA-NJ), at an award ceremony Saturday night in Red Bank.
   AIA recently honored five architects across the state as well as recognizing a resident of New Jersey with this service award.
   "I was honored that I was selected to be the recipient of the award and I am proud of the work that got us nominated," said Mayor Corradino.
   The award "is given to a resident of New Jersey recognized as having made major contributions to the built environment through community activity, legislative involvement, professional (nonarchitect) practice or by means of other appropriate activities," according to AIA-NJ.
   "During the course of his tenure as mayor, (Mayor) Corradino has demonstrated leadership with a number of Revitalization Economic Redevelopment Projects in Manville," said AIA-NJ spokesman Bill Maer. "He has overseen the state’s first brownfield redevelopment project and has worked with state and federal officials towards the final stages of a Superfund cleanup project."
   AIA also cited the mayor’s involvement in overseeing the remediation and redevelopment of the former Johns-Manville plant, the EPA Superfund cleanup site in the heart of Manville’s shopping district, and the commitment to improvements along Main Street with the Façade Improvement Program.
   "One of the great challenges facing our communities today is the rebirth of formerly blighted urban areas. Mayor Corradino has served his constituents well by leading his community into the future through innovative and insightful redevelopment projects," said Steve Carlidge, president of AIA-NJ chapter. "His commitment to creative planning has turned Manville into a vibrant community once again."
   According to AIA, service award recipients are selected by a three-member jury. Criteria for winners included service to the profession and AIA-NJ, major accomplishments in the field of architecture, and contributions to New Jersey’s built environment.
   Mayor Corradino was nominated for the award by Robert Barranger, a partner of Cornerstone Architecture Group. He said that AIA asked architecture firms to make nominations and he thought of the mayor because of the leadership and involvement he showed on the five or six municipal projects they had worked on through the years.
   "I’ve enjoyed working with him over the last 12 years and I look forward to working with him in the future," Mr. Barranger said.
   Mayor Corradino said that he was grateful to Philip Heathcote, Katherine Kinney, and Gary Garwacke, the three main administrators he worked with. He said Mr. Garwacke was one of his first appointments when he became mayor 14 years ago.
   "He has seen it all and has not only been a friend but also a sounding board of reason," Mayor Corradino said.
   He also thanked the councils who worked with him in approving the changes so he could have a new municipal building, police station and borough garage along with the other development the borough has experienced over the years.
   AIA-NJ, New Jersey’s chapter of the national AIA, was formed in 1900, uniting the architects throughout the state by merging the AIA chapter with the New Jersey Society of Architects. Through public education and outreach, community redevelopment and government advocacy and partnerships, AIA-NJ protects the professional interests of its 1,600-member architects while working to create a responsive public environment for architectural and redevelopment projects.